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Use eCommercePDX to get your small business website or eCommerce shopping cart up and running. On time and on budget! Located in Portland, let our experience make your web project a success. (503) 956-6752 call today!

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Done right

Customer service

Planning, designing, building and then launching a website can be quite a project. eCommercePDX keeps your project on track by staying in contact with you, and by using efficient and agile processes. We have a secure client area that details the current status of your project, so you can check progress anytime, anywhere.

While we code by hand we also employ world-class design & development tools.

Websites done right and on time

We understand that your time is precious. That's why we don't rush a project then leave you hanging with a partially functioning site that still needs work. Don't get us wrong, we work quickly and methodically. But after collaborating with you to set a launch date, that's the date your site goes live. You won't be frantically pulling your hair out at the end!

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Globally compatible eCommerce

If you're needing an eCommerce site quickly, let us demonstrate some fast, easy to use shopping cart solutions. You can tailor the site for just your neighborhood or the entire world!

Custom shopping carts are also available using our own code or from familiar frameworks like Magento, Wordpress, Facebook, and others.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a beautiful, perfect website isn't the whole story. Your site also needs to be easy to find! eCommercePDX stays up to date on the best practices to help your site succeed. Do you have a new site in a highly competitive field and having trouble getting good rankings? We have the know-how to get your site up to the top.

Social Media & Advertising

No matter if you're just starting out or need to inject some life into a stagnant Facebook account, we can do it. All major social platforms are our playground, and we'll teach you ways to keep your chosen outlets current and fresh. We also offer to do that upkeep for you.

If you need a Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign mapped out and implemented, or a current campaign revised, we can help. We'll make sure you have as much information as you want so together fine-tune and maximize the return on your advertising investment.

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We do more

We integrate blogs

We can fit Wordpress to your website. This gives you the power of the world-famous blogging tool without major site redesigns or expensive migrations. Wordpress is an attractive option for clients who want to have a more hands-on interaction with their site.

We do Craigslist

We'd be thrilled to discuss creating a Craigslist presence for you. Flyers and techniques to allow multiple postings (that stick!).

We also do eBay

Let eCommercePDX get you set up with an eBay store, trick it out with some HTML, and then optimize the store for more exposure. We have years of eBay experience and we'll show you the tools available that keep you in control.

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It's all about respect

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. To that end, the last thing you need from your website designer is excuses, delays, and budget overruns. We have a system that helps eliminate unwanted surprises. You're also going to be pleased with the level of communication and personal service eCommercePDX provides. Websites done on time and on budget.

No mysteries

You'll get access to our secure client area where you can track every aspect of your project, at anytime from anywhere. Once you sign with eCommercePDX, you'll never be in the dark with how your new site is progressing!

You own the code

Once you have signed off on the completed project, you own the code! We believe that you as the client are buying a product - not just a service - and that once you pay for it, you own it. We'll provide all the original files used to create the site as well as any usernames & passwords to access administrative areas. We don't cause headaches to our clients by trying to lock them into something they didn't expect.

Handmade websites

Except where the client specifies a template, all coding by eCommercePDX is done by hand or modifying frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap. In addition, we utilize the latest specifications like HTML5 and CSS3. Responsive websites for easy access on a mobile device is a specialty. For added functionality we employ languages like JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. SQL databases handle your products and information while SSL certificates keep everything locked up and secure. All this is handled on powerful computers loaded with world-class web development tools.

We speak Internet

Catering to small businesses and individuals, eCommercePDX provides complete, full spectrum website design and development.

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